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CrossFit Class

This is our staple program. Utilizing constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity this class will challenge you in everything from gymnastics to Olympic lifting. All classes are scalable for any level of athlete, range in size from 6-20 athletes, and are always lead by a certified CrossFit coach.

Saturday Class

Our most popular class COL Sat is a once a week class that utilizes the CrossFit methodology added to a team or partner workout. All COL Sat classes will have the elements of teamwork, strategy and fun while working your butt off. Classes are always lead by one to two certified CrossFit coaches and classes will range in size from 12-30 athletes.

Specialty Classes

Need help with advanced gymnastics movements? What about some pointers to improve your olympic lifts? COL Specialty classes are held periodically and focus on improving one or more areas of fitness that all of us struggle with.

Open Gym

Whether you want to complete a workout you missed earlier in the week or you want to get help from a coach on a gymnastic skill that is still giving you trouble, open gym is for you. Open Gym is a non structured time for you to work on anything that you as an athlete need to practice. All Open Gym times are monitored by a certified CrossFit coach.

TCOM Movement

This amazing stretching and mobility instruction is an added benefit for our members. Do this extra mobility programming on your own or with a group of friends before or after the workout.

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Additional Services

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Thorne Nutrution Products

If you are looking fuel your fitness journey with the most trusted name in personalized, scientific wellness, CrossFit City of Lakes is now partnered with one of the premier nutrition supplement companies in the U.S.
Thorne Products are NSF Certified and offer a wide range of quality products to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Personal & group Training

If you have found out class is hard to make with your busy schedule, maybe you are not quite understanding a movement or two in class or just want to make your training experience a little more personalized, personal training or personal programming might be for you.
Here at CrossFit City of Lakes we have the experts who can work with you and help maximize your CrossFit experience. We can do this through 1 on 1 coaching, small group training, personal programming or personalized olympic lifting coaching.
Whether you are looking for a one on one coaching experience, or you are looking to build a personalized plan to help prepare you for your first weekend competition, we have you covered.  
To learn more about availability and pricing, reach out today.

Nutrition Coaching

Regardless of your fitness goals, nutrition is key. Here at City of Lakes we are happy to have a Registered Dietitian and a team of nutrition experts to guide you in your health goals. We offer in person meetings and accountability sessions. Unlike other programs who simply give you calories and provide online check ins, we look at the entire person, their lifestyles, their struggles and use a scientific approach that anyone can adhere to. Whether you want to use our nutrition coaching to help improve inflammation and soreness in your body, fit into your wedding dress or simply learn how to not fear food, our nutrition coaching experts here at COL have you covered.

Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage

Education, empowerment & community is at the core of what we do at The Center of Movement. We are a wellness crew here to support you in your path to rehabbing injuries and better understanding your pain so you can achieve the quality of life you deserve. We see patients in person in Minnesota and also write pain management programs for local or remote patients worldwide.
Let your movement be your antidote. 

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