Sarah Stejskal

General Manager / Coach

Sarah grew up in Grand Rapids Minnesota.  This 218’er loved trying to keep up with her two big brothers and their friends in everything from climbing, running, biking, sometimes eating, and anything else that could be turned into something competitive. This inevitably turned Sarah into an athlete at a very young age and led her to follow her passions and compete in basketball and tennis all throughout her youth.

Through hard work and hours upon hours on the tennis court, Sarah earned a scholarship to play tennis at The University of North Dakota. After four years of forehands, backhands, top spins and aces Sarah also squeezed in quite a bit of studying and earned her degree in communications and also earned a minor in psychology.

After college and after tennis, Sarah needed a new challenge.  She decided to pick up body building and competed in first and last Figure Competition.  Sarah found out very quickly high heels and spray tanning was not for her. So the day after her first and only show Sarah went out and bought her first pair of CrossFit shoes hasn’t looked back since.  

Quickly seeing the benefits of CrossFit, Sarah knew she had to share her love of the sport with everyone that would listen. Sarah received her Level 1 in January 2016 and has been coaching ever since. Her favorite part of coaching is helping people realize their true potential inside and outside of the gym.  In addition to coaching CrossFit, Sarah also enjoys the sport of CrossFit as well. Sarah is still very new to the CrossFit game but this youngster has shown lots of promise and has had numerous podium finishes across the midwest and has aspirations of competing at the next level.

Outside of CrossFit and working out Sarah enjoys cooking and meal prepping, hanging out with her main squeeze and enjoying any down time with some Netflix and donuts.

– B.A Communications University Of North Dakota
– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Level 2 Trainer