Jessie Parrish


Jessie grew up in Wheaton, IL, in the western suburbs of Chicago. Heavily involved in sports growing up, she played lacrosse in high school, and continued collegiately at Augustana College from 2013-2017. During her senior year, she tore her ACL which ended her season and lacrosse career. She had felt her Physical Therapy treatment at the time was insufficient to reclaim an active lifestyle, and feared losing her athletic capabilities for good.

Jessie earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2020. When the program started in 2017, Jessie discovered CrossFit, and never looked back. CrossFit fostered her goal-oriented mindset, accelerated her strength and skills previously unimaginable, and restored her life of limitless living -- something her previous healthcare, for her ACL reconstruction, couldn't do.

Upon graduating from PT school in 2020, she found a job in Fayetteville AR, elevating the Physical Therapy presence in the Northwest Arkansas area for CrossFitters, weightlifters, strength athletes of all age groups and skill levels. As a provider who specializes in these areas, Jessie fully believes that CrossFit is HEALTHCARE. She channels her experiences to forge a career as a better Physical Therapist, for those who value their health and wellness as much as she does.

She has been competitive with CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting since 2020; her goal is to qualify for the USAW AO Finals someday!

Life brought Jessie and her husband to MN in Mid-Oct 2023, where she began working for Loon State Physical Therapy, where she further pursues this mission of integrating CrossFit and Weightlifting with healthcare. She began coaching for CrossFit City of Lakes in November 2023, where she unites her passions for CrossFit and helping others create limitless living. Her goal is to further grow spaces to make fitness activities accessible and enjoyable for ALL!

Doctor of Physical Therapy Washington University
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete Certification