Craig Hendrickson


Craig has been a CrossFitter for a little over five years.  Craig was initially introduced to CrossFit at City of Lakes by a co-worker.  He was immediately hooked after a simple 7 min AMRAP of KB swings, wall balls and burpees. Needless to say the CrossFit bug left its mark on Craig and he hasn’t been able to shake it ever since.

Craig is a lifelong athlete participating in 80 plus running races, triathlons, obstacle course races and also is an avid CrossFit competitor. Craig loves how CrossFit helps keep him fit and ready for the next challenge that he decides to take on. Health and fitness is a very important part of Craig’s life and CrossFit has provided him with the opportunity to push himself farther then ever before. Craig has found that CrossFit is the best combination of strength, power and endurance that truly covers all aspects of fitness for himself and others.

Craig’s passion as a coach allows him to get people excited about fitness and help them to be proud of their accomplishments all while getting the best workout.  He know’s CrossFit is not easy but knows the hard work brings such rewarding results. As a coach Craig will be there to encourage, challenge make you laugh and have fun all while helping you reach your next PR!

Outside of CrossFit Craig’s full time job as the Golf Course Superintendent at Bearpath County Club.  Craig lives in Minnetonka with his wife Karen, daughter Savanna and two dogs Ivan and Dimitri.  Besides Woding at COL Craig enjoys spending time with his family, boating, golfing, hot-tubing, Perkins, Donuts or smack talking with some of his favorite fellow COL’ers.  

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– American Red Cross CPR and AED Certified