Brittney Knight

Coach / Nutrition Coach

Brittney, also known as “BK”, grew up in Buffalo, Minnesota. She fell in love with gymnastics, played volleyball and also followed her older brother’s footsteps playing Lacrosse. While staying as active as she could be in high school, she somehow still found the time to become a first responder, very quickly realizing she had a passion for helping others. This lead her to pursuing a nursing degree in college.

In college, BK quickly found her passion for exercise and helping others with developing a healthy lifestyle began to feel more enjoyable and fulfilling than her current nursing major. BK decided to make a change and pivoted to an Exercise Science degree with an emphasis on Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation as well as a Nutrition minor. This whole time still finding time to pick up a new passion, Rugby!

After college BK never saw herself as a personal trainer, but that is exactly what she became and fell in love with her job. BK found helping her clients achieve their goals was so much more than a job. While training she continued pursuing her passion for nutrition and earned her Precision Nutrition coach to help with her clients’ success.

While Rugby years were coming to an end, she needed something else to keep her competitive side roaring. CrossFit was a natural transition to push her and keep her staying active and in shape. She loved the community, cheering on others to hit PRs and the encouragement to dig deep and keep pushing even when she wanted to quit.  She loved it! BK knew she wanted to coach CrossFit someday, so she pursued  earning her CrossFit Level 1 Certification.  

Around this time BK found out she had a mild bone deformity in her hip, BK has ended up having to go through a few surgeries to get her back to her healthy self.  BK decided to turn this small setback into a positive. To help her rehab BK started participating in Pilates and through this process decided to become a Pilates instructor to help herself and others recover faster from injuries and make her an even more well rounded coach.

In her time outside of the gym you can find BK hanging out at the fire station where she is a firefighter for the city of Maple Grove. You can find her doing anything outdoors, spending time at the cabin, shooting her bow, fishing, traveling, playing with her dog, and of course enjoying some delicious donuts.

– B.S Exercise Science Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Minor in Nutrition, Winona State University
– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
– Precision Nutrition Coach
– USAW Level 1
– Emergency Medical Responder