June 24, 2023

COL Ruck For Cardiac Health Awareness

WHAT is COL The Ruck For Cardiac Health Awareness?

An event working to address the three pillars of Cardiac Health Awareness.

Prevention (Staying healthy and active through fitness. Completing a 9 Mile Ruck Race.)

Education (Providing AED and CPR Education to our community and others in our community)

Training (Donating an AED and educating another Fitness Community on how and when to use an AED in case of an emergency)

WHEN is It?

June 24th - 8:00am to 12:00pm

This year's race will leave from CrossFit City of Lakes and complete a 9 mile loop around Medicine Lake.  Athletes completing the Half Ruck Will complete a 4.5 Mile Ruck also completing a majority of the Ruck around the Medicine Lake.

Full Ruck (*9 Miles)
distance is subject to change slightly prior to the event.

Half Ruck (4.5 Miles)

*Minimum Ruck Weight Requirements – 20lbs / 10lbs (This weight can be in a vest, ruck bag or even just a backpack)

*Racers will be required to complete 2-4 checkpoints throughout the race that will require physical and mental challenges related to Cardiac Health and First Responding.  Racers will have the option to bypass these checkpoints by completing an alternate physical challenge. (Example Burpees, Nasty’s or Hill Sprints)

$20 Donation per athlete to participate - All Proceeds go towards purchasing an AED machine for a fellow CrossFit Gym.

Registration goes live Monday, June 11th (Reserve your spot or donate day of, Great COL Event to Bring a Friend.  Any friends who come and complete the race receive a 2023 COL Ruck Patch and free entry for the day!

*5 Hr Time Cap

WHY are we completing this race at COL?

In 2021 Kyle Lindstrom, a former COL member, experienced a cardiac emergency right here at our gym. Kyle suffered a heart attack while completing a set of pull ups during one of our morning classes. Kyle immediately went unconscious and stopped breathing. Because of the fast actions of everyone in class including Bethany Brunsell and Simon Akerman who performed CPR and used an available AED machine, Kyle’s life was saved.
The outcomes of that day's event could have had a very different outcome if our members were not prepared to act in the face of the emergency and also if an available AED machine was not present. We want to make sure that our community is always prepared in the case of an emergency at our gym or outside of our gym. We also want to give access to other CrossFit Gyms the ability to own and have an AED Machine in case of an emergency at their facility.

  • Promote Cardiac Health – Completion of our challenging team workout here at COL
  • Community Outreach – Raise money through registration and donations to purchase an AED Machine for a gym in need..
  • Education and Training – CPR and AED Training for COL Members right here at the gym.
  • Give Recognition and Gratitude – Recognition of those involved in Kyle’s event including Bethany, Simon, Lindsey, and Kyle.

Kyle’s Story on Channel 5

Media From Last Years Event

We hope everyone can come out and complete this year's Race.  All skill levels and abilities will be able to complete the workout.  Upon completion of the race all racers will receive a 2023 Ruck patch to add to your vests or rucksacks and COL will provide snacks and beer to all.  Remember bring your friends as all drop ins during this year's event receive complimentary entry into this year's race and they will also receive a ruck patch!

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