April 23, 2022

COL Ruck for Cardiac Health Awareness

COL Ruck for Cardiac Health Awareness

April 23rd – COL Team Ruck Race / April 24th – COL CPR and AED Community Training

$40 per athlete or $120 per team
Registration goes live Monday, April 4th

The What
A two day event working to address the three pillars of Cardiac Health Awareness.
Day 1 April 23rd: (8:00am – 1:00pm)

COL Team Ruck Races (Teams of 3)

Full Ruck

2 Mile Ruck
100 Pull Ups
2 Mile Ruck
200 Burpees
2 Mile Ruck
300 Squats
2 Mile Ruck

*Minimum Ruck Weight Requirements – 20lbs / 10lbs
*5 Hr Time Cap

Half Ruck

1 Mile Ruck
50 Pull Ups
1 Mile Ruck
100 Burpees
1 Mile Ruck
150 Squats
1 Mile Ruck

*Minimum Ruck Weight Requirements 10lbs / 5lbs
*2.5 Hr Time Cap

Day 2 April 24th: (8:00am – 10:00am)

CPR and AED Training for every COL member who would like to participate and learn. Taught by Bethany Brunsell Assistant Fire Chief for Golden Valley Fire Department. A basic understanding of CPR and AED techniques and how to implement your training in the event of an emergency.

The Why

Last year COL experienced a cardiac emergency right here at our gym by one of our very own, Kyle Lindstrom. Kyle suffered a heart attack while completing a set of pull ups during one of our morning classes. Kyle immediately went unconscious and stopped breathing. Because of the fast actions of everyone in class including Bethany Brunsell and Simon Akerman who performed CPR and used an available AED machine, Kyle’s life was saved.

Kyle’s Story on Channel 5
The outcomes of the events that happened that day could have had a very different outcome if our members were not prepared to act in the face of the emergency and also if an available AED machine was not present. We want to make sure that our community is always prepared in the case of an emergency at our gym or outside of our gym. We also want to give access to other CrossFit Gyms the ability to own and have an AED Machine in case of an emergency at their facility.

  • Promote Cardiac Health – Completion of our challenging team workout here at COL
  • Community Outreach – Raise money through registration and donations to purchase an AED Machine for CrossFit Upper Keys.
  • Education and Training – CPR and AED Training for COL Members right here at the gym.
  • Give Recognition and Gratitude – Recognition of the one year anniversary of the event  to Bethany, Simon, Lindsey, Kyle and all involved.
The Cost

The cost is $40 per athlete or $120 per team. Registration goes Live Monday, April 4th.

  • Your $40 entry fee gets you the following.
  • Entry into the COL Full Ruck Race of Half Ruck Race.
  • Entry into CPR / AED Training April 24th.
  • CPR / AED Certificate of course completion.
  • RFCHA  Completion Patch.
  • Entry Into Prize Drawing after the race.
  • Fun COL Community Party

Pull your Ruck Sack out of the closet and get your team together. It’s time to have some fun for a good cause!

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