March 11, 2022

COL Food Drive

COL Food Drive

March 11 – 19

As the world is seeing the unimaginable acts of war with Russia attacking the country of Ukraine there is an enormous refugee crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine and neighboring countries. People are fleeing their homes with nothing and trying to get their families to safety.
Ivan Tkach, one of our members, is working with his church Bethany Baptist Church with other parishioners to send food and supplies to families and refugees in need in the Eastern part of Ukraine and Moldova. We have asked him how we can help and contribute.
We are planning a food drive here at COL, and we will be collecting food right here at COL. We want and need your support. We as a community are powerful, and I know we can make a positive impact when our amazing community works together.

  • We will be running our Food Drive at COL from Friday, March 11th – Saturday, March 19th. We will be Kicking off the Food Drive the last and final week of Friday Night Lights!  What a great night to bring in something for the Food Drive!
  • The Church is Bethany Baptist Church -The church is made up of many Moldovan, Ukrainian and Russian families here in our Minneapolis community.
  • The food and supplies will be sent from Bethany Baptist directly to other churches and families in need fleeing to Eastern Ukraine and Moldova. These churches will distribute the food and supplies to families in their church communities who are hosting fleeing refugees from Ukraine. These families are leaving with nothing and anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.  
  • Items that are needed are below.  

Our community is strong and Sam, Myself and our Staff know we can make a huge impact when we put our community efforts together. We are all so fortunate, this is the least our community can do to help others in such great need.

Non-Perishable Food Needs:

– rice
– pasta
– powdered potatoes
– powdered milk
– dry beans/peas
– instant noodle soup
– coffee
– tea
– hot chocolate
– flour
– sugar
– pancake mix
– cereal
– candy
– cookies/crackers
– mixed nuts
– dry fruit
– oatmeal
– cake mix
– raisins
– peanut butter
– jelly
– canned meats: tuna, salmon, chicken, pork, ham, beef
– mayonnaise
– ketchup
– cooking oil
– baby food/formula

No items found.

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