March 1, 2024

2024 CrossFit Open

The 2024 CrossFit Open is Here

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the sport of CrossFit or this is the first time you have ever heard about the Open it is time to get excited!  Every year in the spring every CrossFit gym worldwide kicks off the CrossFit Competition season with “The Open”.  The Open is a three week Fitness competition that takes place in each and every CrossFit Box worldwide.

If you are new to the CrossFit world, let us fill you in on all things Open and how we at CrossFit City of Lakes do “Open Season”.

What the Heck is “The Open” and When is it?

The CrossFit Open is a three week world wide CrossFit Competition for any and all levels of Athlete.  The weekly workouts take place at COL on the following dates.  

Friday March 1st  /  Friday March 8th  /  Friday March 15th

You can complete the Open workouts in your normal classes in the morning and mid afternoon on these days, or you can complete them in front of our community at Friday Night Lights between 3:30 and 7:30pm?

Who Participates?

Everyone!  Whether you are the best athlete in your gym or it is your first week at COL.  Everyone gets to do the Open.  It is our favorite time of year and is such a fun part of our community. Every year we have between 100-175 of our COL athletes participate in the Open.  You don’t want to be left out.

What is Friday Night Lights?

Friday Night Lights is an opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities in front of your COL community.  Every Friday for three weeks from 3:30-7:30pm each week of the Open CrossFit City of Lakes gets transformed into a competition floor.  We will run heats and have judging for all participants.  Each week we have a potluck, adult beverages and a crazy cheering section to help everyone get through the week's Open Workout.  Whether you are completing the workout Friday night or not, all of our members are encouraged to come to the party!

Each year we have theme nights for each Week's Friday Night Lights Party.  This year is no different.

2024 COL Friday Night Lights Theme Nights

Friday March 1st - “Heroes and Villains” - Dress up as your favorite “Super Hero” or “Bad Guy” and come have a blast.  Athletes and Fans are encouraged to wear your capes, masks and of course superhero tights to attack and complete Week 1 of the Open! Even if you already did the workout or want to just come and watch your gym bestie do the workout, rock your super hero or villain costume!

Friday March 8th - “Ballers and Shot Callers” - Wear your favorite athlete or jersey of gear aka “Ballers”  or dress up as your favorite “Shot Caller” think Refs, Team Owners, Celebrities or whoever you think really “Calls the Shots”.  Have some fun with this one!

Friday March 15th - “St. Patrick’s Day” - Rock your Holiday attire and be ready to have some green beer.  Everyone's Irish on Saint Patty’s!

What is this year's “Pick Em Challenge” Coach keeps talking about?

Instead of completing our annual Fantasy Open League that goes hand and hand with the CrossFit Open, this year we will be completing the first ever CrossFit COL Pick Em Challenge.  

The Pick Em Challenge is a 3 Week Game where the Open Participant gets to predict what you think will happen in each week of the upcoming Open Season.  After the completion of the Open, based on how well your predictions were, you will earn points that could earn you cash and prizes here at COL.

How do you play the "Pick Em Challenge"???

Step 1: Register for the CrossFit Open on  Make sure to register your home gym as CrossFit City of Lakes.

Step 2: Grab a “Pick Em” Score Card in the COL Lobby.  These will be available Wednesday February 7th.

Step 3: Do a little CrossFit research.  Read some articles on Open trends, research who the top men and women athletes are this year and what to expect in this upcoming Open season.  Education is power in this game.  The more you know, the more success you may have.  A little luck won’t hurt either.  

There are 10 Points possible each week and 30 Points total at the end of the Open.  You earn points by predicting things such as what movements will be in the week's workout, how long will each week's workout be and also by simply completing the Open workout yourself.  Return your “Pick Em” Score Card filled out back to the COL Lobby before 12:00 pm on Thursday Feb 29th to be eligible to play.

Step 4: Complete all the Open Workouts however you choose, as Adaptive, Scaled or Rx and then submit your scores.  Keep your eyes on the leaderboard and most importantly have some fun and enjoy the Open Season and all the community fun that comes with it! The top 10 Scores in the gym will receive cash and prizes!

OK…. How do I get signed up?

Get signed up today HERE.   Cost is $20. Sign up before Thursday Feb 28th by 12:00pm to make sure you are eligible for the Pick Em Challenge.

Now…. Go Sign Up For The Open Today!

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