February 16, 2023

2023 CrossFit Open

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the sport of CrossFit or this is the first time you have ever heard about the Open it is time to get excited!  Every year in the spring every CrossFit gym worldwide kicks off the CrossFit Competition season with “The Open”.  The Open is a three week Fitness competition that takes place in each and every CrossFit Box worldwide.  For some it is the first step on the way to the CrossFit Games.  For many of us, it is just about the funnest community event that challenges us each and every year.  If you are new to the CrossFit world, let us fill you in on all things Open and how we at CrossFit City of Lakes do “Open Season”.

What the Heck is the Open and When is it?

The CrossFit Open is a three week world wide CrossFit Competition for any and all levels of athletes.  The workouts take place at COL on the following dates.  

Friday Feb 17th / Friday Feb 24th / Friday March 3rd

You can complete the Open workouts in our normal classes in the morning and mid afternoon on these days, or you can complete them in front of our community at Friday Night Lights?

Who Participates?

Everyone!  Whether you are the best athlete in your gym or it is your first week at COL.  Everyone gets to do the Open.  It is our favorite time of year and is such a fun part of our community.  Last year we had over 160 COL Athletes participate.  We would love to see 200 Athletes from our gym participate this coming year.

What is Friday Night Lights?

Friday Night Lights is an opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities in front of your COL community.  Every Friday for three weeks from 3:30-7:30pm CrossFit City of Lakes gets transformed into a competition floor.  We will run heats and have judging for all participants.  Each week we have a mini party with food, adult beverages and a crazy cheering section.

How do I get signed up?

Get signed up today HERE.   Cost is $20. Sign up before Tuesday Feb 14th to make sure you are eligible for the COL Fantasy Open Draft.

What is The Fantasy Open Draft:

Each year we hold a Fantasy Open Draft for all participants at COL.  Everyone is placed on to one of four teams led by CrossFit City of Lakes Coaches.  Each Team creates its team name, team colors and team mantra!  Last year's winning Team was “The COL American Gladiators” Lead by Coach JJ, Coach Steph and Coach BK.  Winning teams get their names on The championship Open Banner and also a championship T Shirt to wear around the gym with pride!

We are looking forward to another great Open Season! Now.... Go Get Signed Up!

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