January 8, 2021

2021 COL Sadie Slam

CrossFit City of Lakes brings you

The 2021 COL Sadie Slam

What is the Sadie Slam?

The COL Sadie Slam is a one day in house CrossFit competition held here at COL. The competition is a Co-Ed single day event that will feature 4-6 Workouts. The event will feature an RX, 35+ Masters and Scaled division.

When is the COL Sadie Slam?

Saturday, January 8th

8am – 4pm  

What is the Cost of the Event?

Cost is $45 per individual or $90 per team. All participants will receive an event T Shirt and a minimum of 4 workouts. We will have prizes for top finishers in the RX, 35+ Masters and Scaled divisions.

What does “Sadie Hawkins” mean in the name Sadie Slam?

In the United States and Canada, a Sadie Hawkins dance is a usually an informal dance sponsored by a high school, middle school or college, to which the women invite the men. This is contrary to the custom of the men typically inviting the women to school dances such as prom. Here at COL we wanted to bring that tradition back. Ladies you are in control and you get to ask your favorite gym dude to the “Dance”, sorry we meant to say “Comp”.  

We are excited to see what pairs are made with this format. Ask your training partner, ask your Hunny, ask your gym crush, or ask your gym arch enemy. Any and all matches will have a blast and be tested. Get your markers and poster board ready, we can’t wait to see what grand Sadie Slam-proposals are made leading up to the comp!

When Does Registration Open?

Monday, December 6th at 5:30am.

We will be limiting the competition to the first 20 RX, 10 Masters and 20 Scaled Teams. All registration will be done right in Wodify.

Standards of Movement
Lifting (Minimum Skill Requirements)

Deadlift – RX 275/195, Master’s 225/155, Scaled 185/125

Back Squat – RX 275/155, Master’s 225/155, Scaled 185/125

Clean – RX 225/155, Master’s 185/125, Scaled 165/115

Front Squat – RX 225/145, Master’s 205/145, Scaled 165/115

Jerk – RX 185/125, Master’s 165/115, Scaled 155/105

Snatch – RX 185/125, Master’s 165/115, Scaled 135/95

DB Clean and Jerk – RX 50/35, Master’s 50/35, Scaled 40/30

DB Snatch – RX 50/35, Master’s 50/35, Scaled 40/30

DB Single Arm Devil’s Press 50/35 – RX 50/35, Master’s 50/35, Scaled 40/30

Wall Balls – RX 20/14, Master’s 20/14

Gymnastics (Minimum Skill Requirement)


BW Squats

Push Ups

Handstand Push Ups

Rope Climbs

GHD Sit Ups

*Bar Muscle Up

C2B Pull Up

Toes To Bar

Box Jump 30/24

Double Unders

Pistol Squats


BW Squats

Push Ups

Handstand Push Ups

*Rope Climbs

GHD Sit Ups

Pull Up

Toes To Bar

Box Jump 24/20

Double Unders

*Pistol Squats


BW Squats

Push Ups

*Rope Climbs

Sit Ups

Pull Ups or Ring Rows

Knee Raises

Box Jump 20 Inch

Single Unders

*Minimum one athlete on each team must have this skill.

Mono Structural Movements (Minimum Skill Requirement)

*RX, Master’s and Scaled must have proficient ability in the following

Row 250m-1000m

Bike 10-25 Cals

Ski 10-25 Cals

Run 100-800m

Sled Pull 100-800m

Sled Push 100-800m

Farmer Carry 50/35

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